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Patrick's Fresh News

Monday 9th October 2017







  • Exciting news, Peaches and Nectarines were in the markets this morning but we will probably wait another week. Sometimes they can be a little green to start with and a premium price.
  • Red capsicums are larger this week.
  • No mandarines this week. I think that will be it till next Autumn. 
  • Asparagus is now in season in Australia. It will be available until Christmas.
  • Pineapple and melons continue to be nice.
  • No button squash this week.
  • We have swiss brown mushrooms this week for you mushroom lovers.
  • Kiwi fruit are from New Zealand. New Zealand shares the same food standard as us. Australian Kiwi fruit are coming to the end of this season. 

Repeating orders?

  • Did you know at checkout you can select if the order is for "once only" or repeating weekly or fortnightly? If you make it repeating the next time you will receive an email a couple of days in advance to remind you to have a look at your order. To look at your order just click on the email or go to the website and click on "order calendar" 
  • On mobile - "Order calendar" is found under shopping (above fruit) and also under account, 2nd item down. 
  • On the computer - "order calendar" is found on LHS of the screen or click on your name on RHS and it's the second item on the list. 



KEEP THE STYROFOAM BOXES AND RETURN NEXT DELIVERY. Please unpack your order and keep the box somewhere safe from pets and small children and leave out when next delivery is due. We have decided not to charge for the boxes and then credit it back. 



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