Patrick's Fresh News

Sunday 17th March 2019

Family Box goodies for the week starting Sunday 17th March

5 Gala Apples

3 Pink Lady Apples

1.2kg Bananas

1 lge head broccoli

1 pce Plain Cabbage

1kg Carrots

500g Leb Cucumbers

500g Brown Onions

4 Oranges

5 Peaches

2kg Brushed Potatoes

1kg jap pumpkin

500g Tomatoes

Market update

Good news is some of the prices have come back a little. Tomatoes and celery continue to be high in price. 

  • The summer fruit will be coming to an end soon. No plums, apricots, mangoes.
  • No fennel
  • No savoy cabbage
  • No silverbeet 
  • No herbs
  • No strawberries or raspberries because they are going off quickly.
  • No beans. prices have come back a little but the quality isn't great. 
  • No passionfruit. 

Now for the good news

  • Shepard avocado are in. 
  • Broccolini is back
  • Chinese cabbage is back in the range.
  • Melons are nice. 
  • Leeks are back.
  • Crimson grapes are nice.
  • Peaches continue to be lovely. They are my pick of the fruits.
  • Williams pears are slightly larger this week. medium size.
  • Eggs, gala apples and oranges are on special this week.
  • Check out our specials page

KEEP THE STYROFOAM BOXES AND RETURN NEXT DELIVERY. Please unpack your order and keep the box somewhere safe from pets and small children and leave out when next delivery is due. We have decided not to charge for the boxes and then credit it back. 



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