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Monday 3rd Jan 2022


Family Box goodies for the week commencing Monday 3rd Jan 2022


Jap/Kent pumpkin

Brown Onions

Brushed Potatoes


Pink Lady Apples


Gourmet Tomatoes


Red Capsicum






Market Update

  • What an incredible year or two it's been.

  • I had occasion to head north and visit some friends growers and suppliers, man the country is looking so so good. I hadn't been north of Port Mac by road for about 10 years so many changes, development growth just completely changed

  • I was at Brookfarm at Byron wow has their business boomed, some of the old growers have sold up and retired many have moved to Qld to regroup and grow.

  • The weather is as usual playing havoc with growth and quality. Fruit and Veggies don't like humidity, fortunately, our suppliers are able to hedge their bets and spread that risk with various growing areas in different regions

  • Remember that The Leaf app will improve your ordering experience just go to the app store and load it for both Apple and Android

  • Please consider: Shaw's bakery at Clarence Town is Baking fresh each morning bloody fine bread

  • Norco for Milk, Brookfarm muesli products, Libreri Farm eggs, Emelia's sauces, and condiments, Pukara Olis and Balsamics

  • The bees are hitting their straps our honey came back Christmas week 

  • Have a great week, get out there get some sun take care and remember to Taste the freshness.

  • Check out our specials page



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