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Sunday, 16th September 2018

Family Box goodies for the week starting Sunday16th September

4 Granny Smith Apples

10 Pink Lady Apples

1 bunch Baby Bok Choy

1.2 kg Bananas

1 large head Broccoli

1kg Carrots

1/2 bunch Celery

4 Kiwi Fruit

500g Mandarins

300g Brown Onions

1 bunch Shallots

4 Oranges

2kg Brushed Potatoes

1kg Jap Pumpkin

500g Tomatoes

400g Zucchini

Market update

  • New season asparagus has started.
  • No purple cabbage this week due to the tiny size and high price.
  • Mangoes are in full swing. They are delicious!
  • We have a midi cos this week instead of the twin pack cos. They are a medium size cos, cheaper but only one per serve.
  • A few items have come down in price this week. eg, corn, telegraph cucumbers, eggplant and oranges
  • Raspberries are out of the range this week.
  • Rockmelons are in. 
  • Parsnips and swedes are out due to lack of popularity. 
  • Packham pears are back in this week.
  • Eggs are on special this week. $5.29 for 700g free range eggs.
  • No Australian garlic this week. 
  • Avocado and eggs are a couple of the items on special this week.
  • Check out our specials page

KEEP THE STYROFOAM BOXES AND RETURN NEXT DELIVERY. Please unpack your order and keep the box somewhere safe from pets and small children and leave out when next delivery is due. We have decided not to charge for the boxes and then credit it back. 



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