Hand picked fruit and veg

Our Story

We started our home delivery business in July 1999 with a handful of clients and 2 small children. We could see that home delivery was a way of the future and people wanted better quality fruit and vegetables. 

Australian Grown

It has been our focus from the start to provide only Australian fruit and veg that was the freshest and best quality. There are a couple of reasons for that...

Australia and New Zealand share the same food standard which is very high. Overseas countries still have some farming practices which were outlawed many years ago in Australia.

We wanted to support Australian farmers. We have always been very passionate about supporting our friends in business and to help provide a future for our children and grandchildren. If we buy overseas produce now because it is cheaper what future will our children have?


This is another thing we are really passionate about. Our business produces less rubbish each week than the average household.

The styrofoam boxes we use to keep our clients'orders cool and fresh are cleaned and re-used, over and over. When they have seen better days they are sent to a business which recycles them.

Other items we use often in our business that we recycle include:

  • The hession bags the potatoes come in

  • Onion bags

  • Cardboard boxes some produce comes in will get re-used to pack orders

  • Wax boxes are re-sold to get used again

  • The green waste that comes off cauliflowers, cabbage etc are collected for animals to eat.

Patrick is the driving force behind the recycling and I'm very proud of his efforts in looking after the environment.


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